24/7 consistently available office space

Full-Timer Open Work Desk $290/month

The Full -Timer membership option is the perfect solution for our local  customers who need a consistently available office space. Our Full-Timer membership is  a convenient option allowing you to be productive with 24/7 access each month. Full-Timer members have 24/7 building access and can use any open business lounge desk areas.

  • 24 hours /7 days building access per week.
  • Secure PIN Access to Building.
  • Business Lounge or Open Work Desk.
  • B/W copies at $.05per page, Color copies at $0.14 per page.

Full-Timer Deluxe Private Office $495/month

If you require a little more privacy, we offer a Full-Timer Deluxe option which allows you to use one of our Private Business Suites.

  • Deluxe Private Business Suite
  • $48/month + Long Distance outside of USA & Canada.
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