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Bremerton Work Space is the culmination of an idea that began over 25 years ago when its founder, David Tougas, first started working remotely for a group of Alaskan tour companies.  David told his new client that he could just do his work from home, to which his client said, “Go rent an office.  If you’re working from home, you never really go to work, and you never really go home.”  This advice was a huge benefit to David, his family, as well as his clients.

Over those 25 years, David developed a successful accounting practice, Four Seasons Business Services, which caters to numerous growing small businesses.  Four Seasons Business Services recently out-grew its offices in Silverdale, and David was looking for new offices.  He came across the building that is now Bremerton Work Space, and although the building had been owned by a bank and left vacant since the Great Recession, David saw a diamond in the rough.  The building was about 3 times larger than was needed for Four Seasons Business Services, but he saw an opportunity to give other start-ups and entrepreneurs the facilities that they needed to start growing their businesses.

Originally constructed as a family medical center, the Bremerton Work Space building had a lot going for it.  There were about 10 separate rooms that would be ideal for individual office suites.  The two large upper rooms worked well for group work areas.  The large front reception area was ideal for casual meetings, and a more formal conference room would comfortably seat at least 10 people.  David and his team began a complete remodel of the building – first the back 1/3rd of the first floor, into which Four Seasons Business Services moved its accounting practice in the summer of 2018.  Next the front of the building was completely modernized, including fresh interiors and up to date technology.

Bremerton Work Space is a place for entrepreneurs and professionals to collaborate with each other, and a place where one can put their head down and focus on the task at hand.  We believe in business and the benefits it brings society.  We believe in Bremerton and Kitsap County, that from its strong base as a military town, it has the opportunity to grow into a thriving community for all sorts of hard-working people, serving their community while at the same time being able to work close to home to enjoy the truly important things in life.  Bremerton Work Space is where work gets done!

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