Hot Desk

Hot Desk Membership

The Hot Desk Lounge at Bremerton Workspace is our most recent addition that provides a comfortable and convenient workspace for professionals. This lounge features six desks, allowing individuals to choose a spot to work based on their preference. In addition to the desks, the lounge also includes a plush leather chair and a cozy loveseat, ensuring that users can find the seating arrangement that suits their needs.

The Benefits of Hot Desk Membership

Dedicated lounge printer

Phone booth to facilitate private phone calls

Fast wireless internet service

Whether an individual needs a temporary workspace, requires a change in scenery, or prefers a collaborative environment, the Hot Desk Lounge at Bremerton Workspace offers a versatile, affordable, and accommodating solution.

Hours 9 – 5 pm, Monday – Friday

Extended hours available upon request

Reserve Hot Desk for $25/day or use our Punch Pass for $200/10 days!

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