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Launch of Proximity Membership Solution

Bremerton Workspace has partnered with the software solution provider Proximity, as the management solution for our co-work operations.

The Proximity solution allows our co-work members to manage their membership profiles, reserve conference rooms, pay online for services and even manages the access to our PIN coded security access.

Proximity is all about community. They make it easy for members to update their profiles with relevant information and bios to make connection easy. And their event manager makes it easy to keep all of your events in one place.

Because business is mobile and ever changing, Proximity Guest Pass allows members of Bremerton Workspace to travel to other spaces within the network up to three times a month, completely free! The Proximity system syncs many external systems like Google Calendar as well as integrating with marketing and business operations tools.

We are very excited to bring this solution online to support the membership and resource management needs of the Bremerton Workspace community.

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