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Co-Working Becoming the New Way to Do Business

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August 26, 2019  | Text by Kevin Dwyer

Available real estate was one of the motivating factors behind the July 2019 opening of the Bremerton Work Space. Founder David Tougas, a certified public accountant and principal of Four Seasons Business Services, bought a dilapidated office building at 1310 Bertha Avenue. earlier this year.

The original intent of the $375,000 purchase was to find a place to expand his business. But Tougas, who closely follows business trends, saw an opportunity to transform about two-thirds of his space, or about 4,200 square feet, into a co-working center.

Like the Peninsula’s other facilities, he offers premium amenities such as a conference room, secure access and Wi-Fi, and spaces he calls “work lounges.”

“My accounting practice is about growing small businesses into bigger businesses,” says the 58-year-old Tougas. “That’s the same concept of co-working.”

To date, Bremerton Work Space only has a few clients as Tougas continues to put the finishing touches on his building, but he expects that to change once word gets out. “It’s been a lot of work” remodeling the building and gearing up the business, he says, “but it’s an idea whose time is coming.”

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