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Co-Working Becoming the New Way to Do Business

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August 26, 2019  | Text by Kevin Dwyer

Available real estate was one of the motivating factors behind the July 2019 opening of the Bremerton Work Space. Founder David Tougas, a certified public accountant and principal of Four Seasons Business Services, bought a dilapidated office building at 1310 Bertha Avenue. earlier this year.

The original intent of the $375,000 purchase was to find a place to expand his business. But Tougas, who closely follows business trends, saw an opportunity to transform about two-thirds of his space, or about 4,200 square feet, into a co-working center.

Like the Peninsula’s other facilities, he offers premium amenities such as a conference room, secure access and Wi-Fi, and spaces he calls “work lounges.”

“My accounting practice is about growing small businesses into bigger businesses,” says the 58-year-old Tougas. “That’s the same concept of co-working.”

To date, Bremerton Work Space only has a few clients as Tougas continues to put the finishing touches on his building, but he expects that to change once word gets out. “It’s been a lot of work” remodeling the building and gearing up the business, he says, “but it’s an idea whose time is coming.”

Read the full article on the Westsound Homes & Garden site >>

"Community Support"

Are you active in a Bremerton non-profit organization looking for meeting space so you can make our community better? Bremerton Work Space offers free use of our conference room for qualifying organizations after hours. Please call our office at 206-866-3382 for setup information.

"Get Acquainted Offer"

Bremerton Workspace offers a free day pass through July. No reservations needed, just come by and sign-in for a tour. You can setup shop for a day to see if Bremerton Workspace works for you.

Bremerton Workspace has partnered with the software solution provider Proximity, as the management solution for our co-work operations.

Bremerton Work Space LLC (BWS) commences the opening of their Professional Office Suite facility at 1310 Bertha Ave. NW. BWS is designed as a comfortable, affordable and productive work environment for individuals or small businesses to operate.

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